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Jan 10, 2013 6:00am EST
consequences of changes in election procedures. we almost always get what we think we're going to get but then there's always something else that follows on. and one is, the behavior of voters with an expectation, particularly in an era of e-government. why shouldn't my records and ballots be available where ever i choose to go? the second thing, and military installations if you want to improve the child halls, the general always makes the food better. one of the things i think is interesting with election officials is how many of us vote on election day. how many of us experience that line, that q. and the answer is, most of us vote absentee because of that responsibility. so one of the things i've tried to do over the years is ideal in advance to ago and i stand in line and i learned a lot. i learnt a lot by listening to people, but that may be something as a professional goal for each of us is experienced the line come experience the way, experience the location. all right? >> my name is lorenzo. i have almost 10 months experience in the selection process. i worked at a trainer an
Jan 11, 2013 6:00am EST
. i think the government is very much aware of that. the holding of the elections. i'm very pleased that things have fallen in place, for now. we stand ready to assist in that process. and in terms of the message to the international community, i think we must be prepared as an international community to adjust our approach. and to be critical of ourselves. and to learn from the experien experience. there is need for reflection. there is need for an assessment. may be now is the time to assess three years of assistance to haiti and to see what we've learned over the past three years from what is the best way to do things, and how not to do it. and i want to recall there, and i will close with this, they were six parameters discussed on the 25th of january, 2010 in montrÉal during an industry leading about 80. one was as i mentioned before, ownership. i'm very happy to see -- i'd like to give content to them. to that objective. second is -- we worked together. i think there's a lot that still needs to be done. building synergies, creating synergies among organizations, jointly opera
Jan 8, 2013 6:00am EST
, baker and clemon. in 1974 he became one of the first blacks elected to the alabama state senate since the reconstruction. in his two terms, he chaired the rules committee and the judiciary committee where he challenged capital punishment and vigorously opposedded governor george wallace on racial policies. in 1980, president jimmy carter appointed judge clemon as alabama's first black federal judge. he served as chief judge from 1999 to 2006. under his administration the court adopted a or more representative jury plan and increased minority presence in the work force of the court. service he was also the trial judge in the ledbetter v. goodyear case. in 2009 he retired from the federal bench and returned to practicing law. please join me in welcoming the honorable judge clemon. [applause] >> i'm indebted for the kind words of introduction. i count it a blessing to be here at alabama law school and particularly in this room, because much of my legal and judicial career interacted with judge lynn. and it's a certain comfort level to be here in a room which he, which bear withs his name
Jan 9, 2013 7:30am EST
now, and that has produced -- you will see in this presidential election crime and criminal justice is not a top five issue. it's probably, it may not even be a top 10 issue on people's radar. that's unusual. if you go back in 1998 and the willie horton ads that were used successfully to kind of the flight michael dukakis' campaign, over and over again, crime and criminal justice has been a very kind of politicized issue, and there hasn't been a space or a sufficient space to really look at what kinds of policies we need to enact to better protect our public safety, devoid of a lot of emotion and politics. that has changed, in part because of low crime rates, and there's a lot of studies talking about why that is the case. but we are hearing things, historically low crime rates around the computer a second factor is the recession, the recession has actually forced the hands of state lawmakers have largely been responsible redacting over the last four years tough on crime policies. it force their hands to have his stop and incarceration. incarceration is very expensive for the averag
Jan 12, 2013 2:00am EST
of the postwar. that's what is happening in delhi. so how many women were elected? is not just the qatar government making decisions. although the united states government taking a very active part in the putting heads together and creating a legitimate election that could allow the provisional government takeover. i think there are 40 members of the new coalition. you know, there are like 6 feet. and this is every government that has taken part. it is a very formal process. .. what was going on the air mines? i can assure you every person that took part in the story about it, diplomatic processes in doha, i can guarantee you all of them would be able to view shook their shoulder to say kind words about 1325 because it's their job. so the real question is for all of that is, how did they manage to so marginalize, it are, take no account of women in the midst of the most serious right now armed conflict that is engaging so many governments? i don't have the answer to that, but what i do know is we better understand how it even works. it not just about denying both to 1325. they probably a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5